50% of metal theft is actually from metal recycling companies

Imagine , you are a metal thief, where is the best place to steal your valuable metal products from? Perhaps use a mini grinder to steal a valuable Bronze statue from the streets of London . Perhaps an easier target would be bronze plates from war memorials or maybe the local brewery and a few aluminium casks from their back yard. Even easier perhaps, the metal could be stolen from the high street in the form of manhole covers or the local railway line could be targeted with all its associated steel and copper signalling equipment? Well no, most thieves are a bit brighter than that . It seems the best place to steal metal from is the scrap metal dealers themselves . Often portrayed as part of the problem, metal recyclers of whom most are towing the line and complying with  all the constraints and regulation now being put upon them are often the main victims of metal theft.

According to figures released by the BMRA the trade association of the British metals recycling industry. 50% of all metal theft is actually occurring from the scrap yards or should we say recycling centres themselves. Perhaps this is true, but worse of all it seems most of the crime is more a result of criminals stealing and then moving metal from one scrap metal site to another and getting very well paid for it .. Something not lost on those traders who are sick to the back teeth of being blamed for the problem..

As a result the need for security is becoming more and more important but most sites have historically been difficult to cover with dark corners and lighting almost impossible. The solution though is here . The White light predator is the answer to those recyclers who have been on the end of some nasty losses. The white light predator can identify culprits  in full colour with a zoomed in shot that once captured can be circulated amongst fellow recycling members, meaning they can easily reject these individuals from their sites when they turn up with their wares . The act of being identified and with full colour zoomed in images  is a good start in the effort to  break this cycle of crime. Deterrent in this case is everything and there is nothing worse for an intruder than being “caught in the headlights ” of the white light predator. For more detail on the product see the 360 vision technology website.

White light Predator camera

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