Video IQ iCVR IP camera

VideoIQ have come up with a fantastic solution to recording IP video.The iCVR camera together with some cutting edge encoders are able to record event generated video on the edge of the network eliminating the need for third party DVR, NVR or VMS software.

iCVR Video IQ camera

iCVR Video IQ camera

By using advanced analytics the iCVR HD camera produce and record HD images without the need to use the network, meaning bandwidth use is reduced to the absolute minimum. With the need for a central storage solution eliminated and advanced analytics that are able to learn events and increase accuracy over time, the iCVR is very simple to install and easy to use. It would seem that edge device recording is without question the way forward and Video IQ are well ahead of their competitors. Check out the iCVR camera and on board recording solutions on the Video IQ website….well worth a look.

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