Thermal CCTV – trust us, THE next big thing!

Thermal CCTV is here! Much has been discussed about it  in our Industry…….but what is it really all about and how does it help?

Thermal CCTV

Imagine an environment where normal cameras are really unlikely to pick up meaningful information – maybe a harbour or port where water, at night, is just a black wobbly mess as far as conventional cameras are concerned

Maybe there is a requirement for observing movement in the water? Man Overboard or similar requirements…….

Thermal CCTV works on heat – ok, we’re not trying to give you a lesson in Thermal here, but basically, heat signatures are picked up, AT DISTANCE, and translated into a video image that is highly useful


Well, imagine a camera that could spot movement at distances of 750m+ – in pitch black……..Thermal CCTV does not need ANY light at all…… can display it in colour (rainbow) or black/white heat……..

Imagine strapping that to a standard camera and suddenly you have the best of both worlds – Thermal for Night, High quality analogue for the Day…………

Thermal Predator camera

The boys over at 360 Vision have taken that one stage further and made it a DUAL unit – capable of giving 2 video feeds simultaneously which is a first for Thermal CCTV PTZ cameras………Bosch too have a unit, they have taken a different approach and provide it as a switching unit, offering Thermal and then analogue either manually or automatically form one video feed – both have merits we feel

So why is this going to be a hot topic?

Thermal Metal Mickey

We think Ports, Harbours, Airports, buildings of importance etc are all targets in this heightened world of security alerts……….and Thermal works brilliantly with Analytics. No light, long distances, pixel perfect detail…..ideal for video analytics……and, like Bosch and 360 Vision, strapped to a conventional camera, analytics then allow clever tracking with dynamic zooming options…….

Just watch our Industry in the coming months……Thermal really will be THE next big thing!

Check out this video we caught of the Thermal Predator from 360 Vision……..

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