Metal Mickey vs Predator

Metal Mickey vs Predator

Sounds like some kind of  film title. Today we look at the new Predator dome recently released by 360 vision and see how it compares with the market leader , the Metal Mickey.

Metal Mickey

We have all seen the Metal Mickey camera on Big Brother. It watches imperiously over the contestants and definitely lets them know that they are under surveillance. This is the beauty of the Metal Mickey,  it has a “presence” and this is undoubtedly behind its  success over the last few years. It now however has a competitor. It ‘s called the PREDATOR.


This fantastic new camera developed by the innovative team at 360 Vision has covered every aspect of what customers are looking for in this high profile type of camera. The name Predator is brilliant because the camera seems to mimic its famous namesake from the film. It is intimidating, rugged but strangely graceful in the way it moves, somewhat different from the more robotic Metal Mickey.

What sets the Predator apart from the rest?

So what benefits does it claim to have over competitor products?  Well certainly its aesthetic mechanical design. It also boasts a 3 phase motor for quiet smooth and totally accurate control. It has back to back bearings on the pan motion to ensure wobble free operation. Predator comes as both an analogue camera and an IP camera to ensure it is suitable to integrate into any security solution. The Predator is also very simple to use . It is set up via a PC or laptop and features extensive on-screen menus. It also comes with multiple protocols to fit into any existing CCTV system.


360 vision really have come up with a gem here. It will fit in to any environment and is essentially “rugged but with style”. As this type of  security solution becomes ever more popular this well priced camera can only go from strength to strength in the Integrated CCTV market place.

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