HDCCTV – what’s it all about?

HDCCTV over coax…the perfect solution?

Having been around since 2009, you could be forgiven for thinking that this technology simply hasn’t caught on…..the Betamax of the CCTV world

But, having seen some kit at IFSEC, and looking further into the technology, it strikes us that this Betamax is not destined for the same fate.

First of all, what is HDCCTV ?

It’s the concept that allows uncompressed, real time HD and megapixel images to be transferred over conventional and existing coaxial cables and BNCs……. The better the cable quality, the further it will travel

RG59 promises distances of 150m+, with CT125 and above offering even further…..and if you need even further, you simply put in a repeater…..and unlike some technologies, there is NO limit to the repeaters!

And uncompressed? Because technically the camera is wired directly to the recorder, similar to conventional CCTV, point to point, there is no ‘network’ and bandwidth considerations to make – remember that RG59 cable? That’s capable of 1.5Gbps per second and that is enough to transmit 25fps real time, uncompressed glorious HD video to the recorder – no latency, no network packet losses….perfect.

The upside? Well, all those CCTV systems you have out there with analogue cameras and DVRs can be upgraded simply by removing and replacing the camera and removing replacing the DVR….same cables, same connectors, but HD images!!!

The downside? At the moment, a shortage of choice of both cameras and recorders. Some areas of the industry blame this on uptake, lack of interest, lack of manufacturers…….but we think that manufacturers are missing a trick

It’s not about whether it should be EITHER IP or HDCCTV……..it should be about BOTH…… If an installer has a new build, the sure, a network IP based system, probably works out more cost effectively, probably easier to install, easier to maintain etc

But an existing system? If an end user had a network that is unable or not capable of taking HD cameras with the bandwidth load they bring with them, then replacing existing cameras directly on the existing cable means not only can they enjoy and benefit from HD technology, but it won’t interfere with their network.

So, on our opinion, we think that HDCCTV offers choice….not a replacement, but simply another way to do a similar job….

And with the economy still struggling on to come back to some form of strength, surely it makes sense to be able to breathe life into older systems by re-utilising existing infrastructure? As well as the reduction in labour costs associated with installing new infrastructure….

That has to be a good thing….. And we intend to bring more news on HDCCTV as it becomes available…..the more it is talked about, the less chance this great technology will not go the way of the Betamax recorder!

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