IP CCTV installer


IP CCTV installer. An interesting statement. Just who is best suited to install IP CCTV systems? The plot thickens the more you investigate. Search on google and there seems to be no traditional CCTV installer that pops up in the results. Why is this? Well have the likes of Chubb and ADT given up and handed the market place to Cisco, Mayflex and the likes?  CCTV manufacturers have definitely grasped the metal and continue to push IP cameras and Megapixel solutions onto their historical customer base , but are they starting to realize that they are flogging a dead horse.


Recently Panasonic held a series of seminars introducing the benefits of their Ipro series. Heavy advertising meant that traditional security installers were well informed about the way Panasonic saw the future and were trying to drag its traditional customer base into the new world of IP CCTV but the seminars were dominated by networking companies that were truly amazed and more importantly delighted by the opportunities that clearly lay ahead of them.

Big players

Security has always been dominated by some big players who seemed to have the market sewn up but clearly they are extremely slow on the uptake , preferring to bury their heads in the sand thinking analogue is here forever.Well wake up and smell the coffee ..its not…. and unless the security industry as whole moves quickly the CCTV market as we know it and those who have made a living from it will find that they will be left very much high and dry!

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