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IP CCTV installer

Friday, December 17th, 2010


IP CCTV installer. An interesting statement. Just who is best suited to install IP CCTV systems? The plot thickens the more you investigate. Search on google and there seems to be no traditional CCTV installer that pops up in the results. Why is this? Well have the likes of Chubb and ADT given up and handed the market place to Cisco, Mayflex and the likes?  CCTV manufacturers… Continue reading

IP CCTV regulation and certification

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

IP CCTV regulation.

IP video system, IP surveillance system, Networked camera system, Networked surveillance system. No one has yet to actually decide what the CCTV system that we know today is going to be called . CCTV is not really an option because it is no longer a closed CCT system.
Networked security cameras are here and over the next 5 years will start to dominate the security industry’s… Continue reading

IP CCTV. How will today’s CCTV installers fit into tomorrow’s world of IP solutions

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Within the industry we are all pretty much agreed that IP CCTV will inevitably be the future of CCTV security systems. In fact in reality its not going to be CCTV at all. Closed circuit television meant just that! a group of cameras completely isolated from the outside world with recorded images only able to be viewed by the privileged few within an organisation. We all know this is changing, the… Continue reading