The Predator CCTV Camera Range

Predator 360 range.

So the predator CCTV range is getting some high profile publicity recently and with good reason some would say. 360 vision technology are a company who have always prided themselves on providing a quality solution at a realistic price. From experience we can say that their support and back up is always good as is the quality of most of the products they manufacture. They do have some history. Most within the industry will know that the company was born out of another successful business venture, so sound business ethics were already in-breed with the founder members of the company .When 360 vision launched they had a simple ethos, target good installers and provide quality products and support and then ensure they are looked after at all costs. This has been an extremely successful formula and one we expect to be repeated in the marketing, sale and support for the predator CCTV product range.

So where will the predator be used and how successful can it become?

The main places we see it being used is outside in non-maintenance friendly situations such as sports arena’s airports ,dock yards and city centres. The beauty of the predator CCTV solution is that it is virtually maintenance free. All programming and set up issues can be done from a remote location. It has a wiper so the camera view will always be clear and unaffected by enviromental issues .Great thought has been put to longevity of this camera. The pan and tilt motors have been designed for quiet, smooth operation minimising wear and tear.  Optional IR lights can be mounted strategically to ensure the weight and load bearing is evenly distributed and gives maximum IR light spread in the areas required. The reason however this product will ultimately prove a success is because it has been future proofed in every conceivable way possible .IP CCTV is going to dominate the market in the future and the predator CCTV range is placed perfectly to benefit as IP integration solutions become more common place.


So once the predator is sold and in place its hard to see another camera solution that will replace it .Reliability is key and past experience says this will be part of the Predator CCTV camera success story, time will tell but we think the writing is already on the wall.

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