iPhone, iPad and CCTV

We blogged some time back now about iPhone/iPad requests for CCTV accessibility…………….

Just recently, a new app ‘app’eared (like what I did there!) in the Apple App Store that gives access to the 360 Vision OpenVision range of DVRs and NVRs

Called iDVR-Vue, it draws on the fluidity of the iPhone/iPad interface to offer a really intuitive way to view cameras on your installed H or T DVR, or even your Hybrid/NVR system.

Connection setup is as easy as selecting the model, entering the static IP address (this is normally provided by your ADSL or ISP provider), and putting in the Username and Password and clicking connect

First connection presents a Quad display………..if you have more than 4 cameras, a simple swipe across the screen moves the display onto cameras 5-8, a swipe again onto 9-12 and finally 13-16…………. and if any of the cameras are PTZ domes such as the Predator or Black Hawk range, then tapping on that quad image brings the camera to full screen where the fun really begins!

Anyone that has used the iPhone/iPad will know that the screen is great for touch control……….. a swipe in any direction sends the camera moving in the same direction…..the further you move across the screen, the quicker the dome will move………….Zoom is very much like viewing pictures, pinch to zoom in and out and the dome camera will respond by zooming in and out!

We’d like to see preset and tour initiation and also maybe some playback/search controls, but we are told that will be in the next release in the App Store

The real beauty to this? IT’S FREE !

We like free, it shows a manufacturers commitment to offer additional services to what is often considered a grudge purchase

And let’s face it, who these days does not have an iPhone or iPad!!!

Also available for the Blackberry range

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