HD CCTV can save you money and that’s a fact!

On the face of it when you compare HD CCTV product prices against analogue CCTV prices how can it be possible that HD CCTV can actually work out cheaper?. Well there are several factors we need to take into account when making this assumption. These range from power saving , better coverage supplied by HD, time saving on searches, false claims that can be dismissed, increased productivity and reduced crime.

An HD CCTV system brings many benefits over analogue and these in turn will bring an impressive ROI far quicker than anticipated in many cases.

megapixel cctv image

Below we list many of the factors that make HD CCTV cheaper compared to analogue.

1) If you are a large organization your CCTV system will often have grown with the businesses and this could well mean you have bank after bank of DVR’s, monitors, matrixes and associated power supplies piled up in your server room. This equipment will be drawing a large amount of current 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. HD CCTV is scalable and this means you are no longer restricted to 16 way DVR after 16 way DVR each time you need more cameras. HD servers are able to handle hundreds of cameras each so the current draw for this one server will be significantly less. Add to this the fact that you will need less cameras to cover the same area and over time your saving on power consumption alone will go a long way to paying for your new HD CCTV system.

2) As we mentioned above you will need less cameras. A 16 MP camera for instance with the right software will do the same job as up to 50 analogue cameras. Instantly you can see the savings mounting up.

3) In many organizations one of the most stressful, costly and annoying drains on the business can be false claims from employees or customers. The NHS is a classic example of this. With traditional analogue cameras and recording methods information is often difficult to find and when it is found the picture quality often means proving a false claim is impossible. HD CCTV software makes searching for information so much easier. Information can be discovered in seconds not hours and once found the detail in the image will often prove a claim to be false thus saving tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.

4) Productivity is something that is at the heart of every organization. Improve this and you improve your profit. HD CCTV systems can identify areas of the business that can be costing you money far more easily than analogue solutions. Once identified the information can be used to put in place changes and then ensure these improved procedures are adhered to.

5) Crime reduction is key to maintaining profitability. Sadly many who would chose to steal from their employers have now identified the weakness of analogue CCTV and exploit this to their benefit. HD CCTV is a real eye opener for those who think CCTV has had its day. Once images are shown to a few the word spreads fast to many. This helps discourage those who think it may be worth the risk to take on CCTV thinking its not good enough to catch them. Rest assured HD CCTV certainly is.

Just a few reasons that HD CCTV can be cheaper than analogue but finally there is one further benefit. It does the job that you expect CCTV to do!


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