Bosch clear on IP video solutions.

A series of road-shows across the the UK are grabbing the attention of  installers and giving Bosch the chance to demonstrate how they are using content based imaging in order to help detect and then track movement within a scene. During the demonstration Bosch are able to show just how far their products have advanced as they concentrate on HD and intelligent video analysis software to give installers extra features to temp their user base to upgrade to IP based products and HD camera technology.


The Dinion range of cameras has always been at the forefront of the Bosch marketing campaigns but now they have a new “star” . They actually call it the starlight camera and the light levels it can work down to are astonishing. With HD needing to overcome lighting issues this is a big step forward.  Add to this new camera the Divar IP range of network video recorders and they could be onto something. The cost is  and it offers a solution definatly competitive that will appeal to large and smaller installers alike. As the fear factor subsides over IP and more and more HD cctv solutions start to come on line Bosch seem to have found  a combination of cameras and recording solutions alike that could help change the way CCTV is viewed by the general public.

Analytics are at the forefront of the new way to make the most of meta data and use this as a powerful way to upsell CCTV to a doubtful potential customer.


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