Clarius white light illuminators light up the security industry

Clarius white light illuminator

Its catching on fast. White light LED illuminators are replacing halogen lighting at a rate that is taking the industry by surprise.

White-Light enhances colour cameras performance at night, a real benefit when customers are trying to achieve accurate colour images for identification purposes during the hours of darkness. In addition white light acts as a visible deterrent this helps to discourage intruders especially when used in conjunction with PIRs. Add to this the fact that a white light illuminator has low running cost and minimal maintenance.

Clarius white light illuminators are among the market leaders they allow users to adjust the output angle of a white light illuminator on site in order to achieve  precise directional lighting. Clarius white light illuminators include  patented self cleaning lenses to deliver optimum performance year after year and enough flexibility in the range to cover most applications.To ensure that your system has the White lighting solution for your premises Clarius is an ideal light for your business.

Clarius - VS-CW60

Clarius white light illuminators will give the end user longer illumination distances and allow CCTV systems to produce better images than traditional halogen lighting at much reduced running costs.

Clarius also provide illuminators that are available in Infra-Red. Both IR and White-Light and are powered directly from 12-24V or or if its preferable POE



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