IFSEC 2012

It’s nearly that time of year again.

IFSEC 2012

IFSEC 2012

Useful or just one of our Industry’s ‘must do’ activities?

Will you be going? What are you hoping to see?

Will it be another flood of Far Eastern manufacturers thrusting their ‘Number 1 manufacturer of DVR in the World’ messages into the arms of YOUR customers !? (along with pricing and a readily available credit card machine no doubt!)

What is the shot topic going to be? We are hoping for more HD-SDI / HDCCTV innovations, the more that is available the quicker the acceptance.

IP CCTV is bound to be in abundance – and probably less hardware and more software

Video Content Analytics (VCA) has been quiet, maybe because of various well publicised law suits, but this technology is vital in moving CCTV towards useful intelligence rather than grudge purposes.

We’d like to see innovation of VCA in Megapixel – so far, VCA tends to stick with D1/analogue, understandable with the processing power required.

And PTZs? By no means dead, many leading companies now producing multi-faceted units capable of simultaneous actions (Bosch Thermal, 360 Predator White Light/IR etc) still very much complementary tech in this world of Megapixel and HD !

And recording? Will we start to see the shift towards alternative methods of video storage?

And realistically….. Is IFSEC the forum for it ?

It will be interesting to see who is there and those that have chosen to spend the £10’s of thousands on other means of spreading their message – this year is the year of Essen and to be fair, it is a very credible alternative to IFSEC….

Let us know what you are hoping for and why you are attending – and as we said at the start, being a ‘must do show’ for whatever reason, we will be there to report on it!


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