CCTV footage as Petrol tanker bursts into flames

Dramatic footage was captured on CCTV as  a petrol tanker bursts into flames

During a routine delivery to a petrol station in Melbourne this huge explosion occurred.  Australians were amazed at the scenes captured on CCTV that enveloped the fuel station and surrounding area.
The flames described as  up to 150m long also leaped into the air and  engulfed the forecourt. As the flames spread it reached as far as the outside of  the Stamford Inn hotel in the south east of the city.
The driver encountered amazing fortune as he was able to climb out of the fuel tanker, loaded with over 20,000 litres of fuel. He suffered burns injuries to his arms and legs as he was able to get clear before the explosion. Reports stated that at least 500 people had to be  evacuated as parked cars were also engulfed and exploded. The cause of the inferno was caused by a lightening strike that hit the area during an electrical storm.


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