Samsung SCB-6000 HD SDI camera

Samsung have uploaded footage to You tube indicating that they are about to start to look further into the opportunities that are presenting themselves through HD SDI CCTV.

This move by Samsung is Quite a step forward for HD SDI technology as a viable product  and Samsung are one of the first of the “big boys” to recognise that this may be the future of the CCTV industry. IP cameras are still to gain a significant foothold especially in the UK and installers are looking for new and different ways forward.

HD over coax has to be the simplest way to maintain existing cable infrastructure but at the same time offer superb quality for the end user.

The likes of Everfocus and CalSys already have HD SDI DVR’s and cameras out there and they have proven that this technology works and is very effective. What is significant is that if Samsung do invest seriously then the this would force others to look into HD SDI to and the TCO of this technology would become significantly lower as a result ,offering real competition to IP  cameras and NVR’s.

We look forward to Samsung’s approach for the rest of 2011 and into 2012 regarding HD CCTV solutions.

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