Avigilon … how have they achieved such stunning growth during a worldwide recession?

Avigilon UK , will it take off over here?

Here at Integrated CCTV we do like good products. We have recently been concentrating on HD SDI CCTV and we like it!  It will take off in the UK and it will challenge HD IP products for market share, no doubt. However megapixel IP products are not giving up and going away, far from it and here is why. A recent demonstration of Avigilon HD CCTV and VMS has to go down as one of the most impressive dems I have seen in many years.

Avigilon UK

So why are Avigilon the fastest growing IP camera manufacturer in the world right now?  We are still in times of limited growth and only just out of a recession. Yet during this period Avigilon have simply gone from strength to strength. Having seen the equipment and image quality, approach to sales and support,  the commitment to research and development,  it is is easy to see how.

Avigilon Camera HD Pro

Avigilon CCTV

When the equipment is demonstrated, the ease of set up is so simple. The 16 megapixel camera is built like a tank and the images are simply brilliant. It is the use of the jpeg 2000 format and it is the way this format is manipulated that enables Avigilon the ability to produce the pictures without completely swamping the network.

Ok, so you see the dem and you are impressed now you wait for the price. As we all know in the UK bringing existing analogue cameras into any CCTV solution is important . The use of encoders is crucial to the migration from analogue to IP and of course HD. So to hear that an Avigilon 4 way encoder comes in at under £250 was remarkable. This must be a loss leader? It brings existing analogue CCTV cameras back into system design for those who do not wish to sacrafice their existing systems but allows them to fit additional HD CCTV of exceptional quality.

HD CCTV cameras

But surely the cameras will be costly? After all the build quality is excellent and the pictures are faultless. Well now Avigilon have produced a 5 megapixel  camera for under £500 and a 1 megapixel for under £300 . This beats just about everything else around and its better.

Avigilon ACC-4.6 Range

As a company Avigilon have always impressed. We have written about them for years, spoken to Rick Ramsey their production manager and know they bring quality to customers looking to upgrade to HD CCTV. Now however they are using their new found strength in the market place to bring sensible pricing to. They claim that in 6 years time they will  be the largest IP camera manufacturer in the world. You know, I’am not sure i would bet against that right now.

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