IP CCTV the views of the security industry

An excellent article in July’s edition of PSI Magazine asks the question” what is the current state of IP CCTV as it stands in the CCTV market place today?” The opening statement of the article certainly confirms what many think. With input from respected professionals such as central station managers Colin Walters and Steve Kimber it asks how IP CCTV is integrating with the central stations and the quality of the monitoring as a result. The article also touches on HD SDI CCTV with great insight from Todd Rockoff and asks where this technology sits within the CCTV industry and where HD SDI CCTV will be focusing in the future. ONVIF and how it is playing an important role in ensuring IP CCTV does get its fair share of uptake is also covered well within the piece.

The whole article is fair and balanced and really does reflect how most CCTV professionals feel IP CCTV is developing within the security industry.

So  for a great read turn to page 22 once you hit the link and look for the article headed “AIR OF MYSTERY investigating the current state of IP CCTV”

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