HDCCTV – so what are the cons ?


Plenty of Pro’s…..what about the Con’s??

1: cable distance of 100m or so………so what, IP is 90m and HDCCTV can be repeated with repeaters

2: maximum 2MP…….again, kind of so what – majority of IP sales are in and around 2MP and any higher might often be wasted or not utilised…..more bandwidth and bigger file sizes and just exactly how far do you need to post-zoom!!!

3: lack of suppliers – ok, we concede on this, there isn’t a massive choice, but its improving daily

4: only uses certain coax – again, a bit of a myth – sure, the better the quality the longer the run, but HDCCTV will work on pretty much any reasonable coax cable

The fact is, it is difficult to really count the Con’s….. HDCCTV is a credible upgrade solution to existing analogue systems and is far easier to implement than IP due to it’s ability to utilise existing cable infrastructures.

The recorders appear to be more expensive than both analogue and even IP competitors, but I wonder how much of that is ‘new technology’ price premium??? Wth greater acceptance and higher sales volumes, those prices surely must tumble?

And maybe the labour/cable savings outweigh the extra prices of the recorders??

The cameras seem reasonable, certainly on CMOS anyway, and again, prices are usually dictated by volumes…

So, it’s very simple, to drive price down then acceptance and use must rise….. And with so many Pro’s and very few Con’s then it surely is only a matter of time!


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