HD-CCTV – it’s a no brainer

Why use HD-CCTV?

Thinking back to how CCTV used to be, remember when all was Black and White?

The big change in the industry came when colour CCDs were introduced…. It was the evolution that had the same impact as the domestic TV.

So really, it is natural that CCTV should have the same benefit as standard TV….. The ease at which it is possible to go from SD (Standard Definition) to HD (High Definition) has been a question on many people’s minds, particularly here in the UK


The Market is saturated with choice – some of it too saturated – but, there are plenty of solutions to choose from…..

But take a moment to think back to colour transition, both in domestic TV and CCTV….

It involved SWAPPING or REPLACING key components….. In the case of the TV, replacing the TV…..in the case of CCTV, replacing the camera and the monitor…… At no point did we have to rip up cables, change connectors etc etc….it was just end or end-to-end component changes….

HD-CCTV gives us that similar ability – just change the camera and the recorder and suddenly, SD becomes HD……..Remember when you bought that flashy new HD ready TV ? You unplugged your widescreen CRT TV, and plugged in the new one…..albeit with a HDMI cable for glorious HD output!!

And the term HD…. We’ve blogged before about how consumers just GET the term HD…..even to the point of not really caring HOW MUCH HD (720p, 1080p, megapixel etc etc)

And I think that is where this industry needs to push the term HD…… Reference CCTV images to those we now come to expect from our home TV sets…..

And that’s why HD-CCTV is such a powerful moniker…… It does what it says….no confusion, no IP this, megapixel that, bandwidth the other…. Simple cameras, cables (existing!) and recorders….

HD-CCTV Alliance over the other side of the Pond are doing a great job in promoting this technology….. We need to help them gain traction here in the UK where, in our opinion, IP has yet to REALLY take off in an industry wide acceptance way….. and also check out and subscribe to HD-CCTV Magazine – great source of information on this emerging technology

But…emerging??? HD-CCTV has been around since 2009, so let’s get it trending!!

HD-CCTV is all about upgrading existing systems to new, better, brighter, sharper more meaningful results

Same cable
Same skills
Little or no specialist IT knowledge

Take a look at HD-CCTV Alliance – sign up if you are a developer, manufacturer or simply just want to be part of this exciting new technology……but at the VERY least, let’s get this HD-CCTV term trending in our industry……


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