VMS – what does it mean and what is it all about!?


Video Management Software

Video Management System or Systems

Video Management Solutions

Call it what you will, but basically, VMS is now becoming a generic term for centralised and advanced IP control software.

VMS software is now available in many guises, from software only, to client/server, to hardware and software solutions.

let’s take a look here at some of today’s leading VMS solutions and check what they offer to the installer and end user

  • March Networks
    Launching their new COMMAND VMS platform, March have adopted a multi-platform software solution
    The back engine consists of the current VMS platform, offering large scale IP camera deployment (SD and HD technology) along with server based storage – both locally and over the network.
    Alarm handling can be implemented both locally and remotely and March have an innovative scheme called ‘Shadow Archiving’ to allow gaps in recording to be synchronised across the network in the event of network outage. 

    March are also pioneering the ability to bridge different operating systems, offering compatibility with both Windows and Mac based OS devices.

  • Milestone offer a similar scenario VMS, but this is based solely on deployable software. Without doubt one of the original IP VMS pioneers, Milestone has grown to be the ‘standard’ for other VMS solutions to follow. Milestone have built an amazing back catalogue collection of compatibility, preferring to show their strength in 3rd party compatibility and their own software, rather than influencing customers down a particular IP Hardware route – this means maximum flexibility for both installer and end user as systems with existing equipment, analogue or IP, can be re-utilised with little difficulty.Starting with the excellent Milestone XProtect Essential, offering IP management of up to 26 cameras, Milestone prides itself in offering scalable VMS upgrade paths for ever growing systems
  • OnSSI is based on the Milestone platform and offers not only IP VMS, but also hardware solutions also. OnSSI strength and depth extends to the edge devices such as IP cameras and encoders, with the ability to offer a complete end to end solutionWhilst offering their own range of hardware, OnSSI still builds on the ethos of maximum compatibility with 3rd party devices – offering upgrade paths to legacy systems.
  • CNL Software, one of only a few UK based VMS manufacturers, takes the VMS platform a stage further – preferring to ‘partner’ with 3rd part technology from all sorts of security disciplines – Fire, Intruder, Access Control, CCTV etcHistorically this would be known as BMS or Building Management Systems, but with the advent of IP and streaming video, CNL have developed probably and arguably the most complete product solution, to cover all security needs
  • IndigoVision again, like CNL, have taken their original Video Management Solution and integrated Access Control and other security device drivers……..once known for their IP Streaming technology, IndigoVision have grown to one of the world’s leading VMS providers…..with both Hardware and Software solutions to offer.With HD being the main product offering from IndigoVision, then quality of image and accessibility is high on their list of priorities.
  • VideoIQ are probably the slightly different VMS providers here in this list, in that they are hardware pioneers of extremely high quality HD IP cameras, with a developed and powerful VMS Platform to complement their hardware – not the other way round.What’s great about VideoIQ is that the user can use just their hardware on other VMS, or have the full end to end solution

Over the coming months, we will be taking a closer look at each of the above VMS providers, as well as some of the emerging contenders.

There is absolutely no doubt that the CCTV world is changing and changing fast – VMS is providing the driver for this implementation and general acceptance………make sure YOU keep up and in touch !


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