IR dome cameras,are they as good as we hoped?

IR PTZ dome cameras… they work?

One of the big problems with IR PTZ dome cameras is they promise the world but do they actually deliver?

IR PTZ dome camera

Following a recent installation a client of ours was  getting ongoing complaints from the customer that his night time images really were not what he was expecting. The salesman had promised picture quality as good as day and this clearly was not the case. Further to several visits by the engineers the issue was still not solved and the customer was losing patience, fast.

The engineers were however fighting a losing battle ,each visit was carried out during the day and all they could rely on was viewing the recorded images and guessing what they could do to improve them. The only solution was a night time visit!

When the nighttime visit was made it became obvious the varying different light sources present on site were causing the camera to misbehave. It was only when the true light levels at night were able to be taken into account that the relevant adjustments could be made. Bingo a perfect night time picture and the quality the customer had been promised in the first place. So the answer is that IR PTZ dome cameras can deliver but a couple of words of caution. The cameras cannot be properly set up during daylight hours and secondly if extra lighting is either added or taken away the picture quality will change and therefore the camera may need constant adjustment….much to think about here!

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