CCTV – does it always need to be about Security?

Interesting meeting during this week

An integrator was looking for ways to increase sales of Electronic Security Systems, mainly CCTV.

End user customer base is predominantly agricultural……not many cows get stolen methinks!!

But, it turns out that in fact, the farming community is actually a prime target for CCTV based system solutions……why?

CCTV farming

CCTV helps farmers

Well, during the breeding/birthing season, the farmer is practically living in the animal pens/sheds, waiting for that moment to leap into action!

So, instead, how about a decent static camera (or even internal PTZ for closer action shots !) connected via wifi, through to the main farmhouse……….connected into a decent DVR which the farmer can either view through his residential TV or a connected PC………..

Sophisticated motion and sensor alarms can be created to provide notification…..

Take it even further – add a text dialler or email notification and the farmer can even leave the premises, literally waiting for an SMS or email on his Blackberry or iPhone device, allowing him to connect back to the DVR and view the live image streams……

With cost effective leasing plans allowing low weekly payments and also tax deductible, the farmer can utilise the system as a part of his business!

CCTV – not always about Security !

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