Thermal CCTV – really will be the BUZZ word this year!

Thermal CCTV but why?

Thermal CCTV

Thermal CCTV is here

Take a look at the news at the moment – there is an awful lot of political unrest around the world right now…….and that generally increases awareness for crime, violence and potential terrorism threats!

So what is so good about Thermal CCTV? Well, Thermal does not need light…….in fact, it does not need any light at all…………. So, in areas of black outs or darkness, Thermal imaging is amazing at creating crystal clear images in zero light and at distance.


Yep, Thermal CCTV can provide movement detection of an object at over 700m………it can even recognise the type of movement (human, car etc) at over 100m……all in zero light

So, airports, borders, ports, electricity plants, sewerage plants, gas, oil, water treatment – in fact, anything that could potentially be a gateway for terrorist activity is able to benefit from Thermal Imaging

Many manufacturers are jumping on the Thermal CCTV bandwagon – some even choosing to develop Thermal solutions ahead of HD or megapixel – Flir, Bosch, 360 Vision etc

Just take a look at forthcoming exhibitions and shows such as IFSEC and ISC ……….. watch out for the latest solutions and you will no doubt find that Thermal Imaging CCTV is well up on most manufacturers list of developments!

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