Honeywell HRDP DVR

ESI and Honeywell have teamed up in order to offer HRDP dvr users a
centrally monitored CCTV solution.

The integration between the two companies uses the Fusion HRDP DVR and
ESI’s (European System Integration) front end monitoring software

Honeywell HRDP

This is a route to market that has been used by others in the past but this partnership is unique. It
enables Honeywell’s customers to re-enforce their allegiance to the
Fusion product and stop other suppliers stepping in with a monitoring

The partnership works both ways and allows the central stations to
approach customers who have not considered remote monitoring in the past
but have just used their Fusion DVR for stand alone purposes only.

With the introduction of more and more broadband into business and with the
phasing out of ISDN many end users have been looking for ways to reduce
phone bills and enhance the way that their CCTV can be responded to.

Remote CCTV monitoring is an excellent way of reducing costs associated
with on site manned guarding and can be just as effective. The ability
to generate a verbal warning on site and coordinate an effective
response to an alarm means effective savings and less crime.

The Fusion IV is Honeywell’s leading recording and monitoring solution
and has been deployed across many sites in the UK plenty of opportunity
for installers and central station alike to revisit sites and upgrade to
ensure extra revenue streams.

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