Buy Cheap or buy Safe? CCTV Suppliers unite

The bitterness of quality is remembered long after the sweetness of price…………

A great saying and so incredibly true……

How many normal purchases do we make that simply do not stack up to our expectations? Buying a TV that ends up with poor sound quality, a mobile phone that lasts 20mins before needing a recharge, a lawn mower that doesn’t quite cut the grass (or indeed cuts so well to scalps the lawn!)

cheap dvr

And yet, so many more CCTV purchases are being conducted at eBay and online Internet sources…….

we discussed recently the advantages of dedicated CCTV Suppliers but this post is more about the potential dangers faced with buying from unknown sources.

Imagine this…….

You’ve just purchased a DVR from ‘The Number 1 DVR supplier in the world’ (aren’t they all!?!?)

You’ve acquired two colour cameras from an Internet site with an Alexa rating of 48,938,999 (who also are the Number 1 DVR supplier in the world so don’t believe the others)

You’ve bought your High Resolution monitor from a far eastern supplier (who REALLY are the Number 1 DVR supplier in the WHOLE world)

You receive them via the nice UPS man (after paying the customs import fees, yep, they don’t tell you about that when ordering your $19 DVR!)

Excitedly opening the package, you scrabble through all the Non-UK power plugs looking for the instructions……..ah, there they are,

‘Take important cable and stick into important slot over and above and below the hole that is inside the slot above the hole inside the other way’

Yes, you got it, pigeon English that means nothing…..but hey, we’re men, we do not need instructions……let’s do it ourselves…….plug in a normal power plug and boot up……..hhmmmm, not sure about the funny characters on the screen, and why is that picture rolling around? and why is it B&W, i have colour cameras connected??!

You see, items bought from UK suppliers are ready to use in the UK!!!! Proper instructions, proper UK plugs, set up for use with UK (PAL) cameras (that’s the answer to the B&W rolling images by the way, look for the NTSC/PAL switch on the rear of the DVR!)………plus, those UK Suppliers have already borne the brunt of the import duties……….

as the saying says………Buy twice!!!

buy cheap buy twice

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