CCTV POE enabled IR illuminators

ANVS is a U.S. based manufacturer of professional infrared illuminators for security applications, distributed under the AXTON brand name. Axton have now released a PoE enabled, wide-angle, long-range professional infrared illuminators for CCTV and security applications.

The new PoE enabled infrared illuminators simplify system design and speed up installation by using a single PoE enabled cable to power up both the IP camera and  the IR illuminator. Each unit is designed with an IP input and two outputs for power and data. Connecting the power injected Ethernet cable into IR illuminator, and then connecting the two output cables to the IP camera power and data inputs and you have a fully operation camera and illuminator powered over the Ethernet (POE).

Standard features include an integrated photo-cell,the units are IP66 rated for external applications and ease of installation is the key to this product.

Please contact us for more information on the unit and where you can buy.

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