Bosch Divar 700 NVR, also available as a hybrid DVR

The Bosch H.264 Hybrid and Network recorder Divar 700 Series

The Bosch Divar NVR offers high quality recording to compliment the entire Bosch IP camera range.This complete IP video management system gives centralized control of your IP surveillance system. Giving you convenient, centralised control of your surveillance system.

The Divar 700 Series Recorder is extremely adaptable giving real time recording for up to 32 cameras , ANPR is a feature that is also included within the Divar 700 package. With front loading Hard drives maintenance is simple and affordable and Bosch boast that the image quality achievable is second to none, it will certainly ensure you get the most from your CCTV images.

The unit can be purchased in two formats the hybrid DVR and the full IP NVR version. The hybrid unit offers 16 channels of analogue and 16 channels of IP. These channels of IP can be assigned automatically for ease of installation.

As we know Bosch products are robust and well built, the Divar 700 NVR is no exception.

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