ACTi IP Video systems

ACTi, based in Taiwan are really starting to get noticed now in the world of IP cameras.The company was created only 7 years ago but has been able to produce an extensive range of products that fit into many applications required to design an IP surveillance system.
Today we concentrate on their megapixel IP camera that incorporates some great features at a very respectable price.
The TCM-4201 is an H.264 megapixel IP PoE cube camera.The Pixc has a built in power LED , an on-board microphone and a PIR sensor to trip alarms. PoE means that it can easily fit into existing networks but can be powered locally if required.
The ACTi megapixel IP camera boasts automatic gain control, auto exposure and to enhance security IP address filtering. Simultaneous dual streams give plenty of flexibility when it comes to recording options.
The TCM-4201 is just part of the box camera range and plenty of other options exist depending on the application. Also look out for the ACM-4201 and the TCM-4001.
Video encoders to allow analogue cameras to be integrated into an IP video system made by ACTi also look like a good purchase. The ACD-2000Q has 25/30fps with selectable MPEG-4 compressions, full screen or quad image display, a digital input and output, VMD per channel and two way audio. Take a look at the ACTi website for more detail but UK distributors such as EZCCTV and Mayflex can also help you get some more detail on these innovative manufacturers.

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