Dual path IP monitoring

Dual path IP monitoring.

It is clear to see the benefits that a dual path monitoring system can
bring to any security system. Peace of mind for the customer and
almost always a prerequisite of the insurance company, it is obvious
two paths are better one.

Line cuts.

In the not too dim and distant past single path monitored phone
connections were all too common. On many occasions an engineer would
turn up after a break-in only to find that all the incoming lines had
been cut often at the top of the telegraph pole. The perpetrators
would then have simply disabled the bell box and helped themselves.
The central station, Police and the customer, none the wiser!


Insurance companies soon wised up to this and driven by the need for a
solution, products were developed using mobile phone technology to
send a secondary signal out via the mobile network to the waiting
central station. The dual path monitoring solution was born and has
been an unqualified success ever since its inception.

IP broadband monitoring.

Legacy signalling providers obviously designed their services around the old PSTN infrastructure. One company however thought beyond this legacy infrastructure and planned their product around what was
inevitably to become the future. The future is Broadband and the
future is fibre.

Emizon lead way!

Emizon have designed their service to support installers take advantage of the IP environment including fibre and next generation networks. As a result they are leading the way in cost effective, secure dual path signalling and Emizon IP is now being specified as
standard by many installers. The benefits include on line access to enable a remote maintenance and remote programming which is enabled via a serial port integrated into the TDC. Installers can use this service to make changes to channel inputs and check the signal strength remotely.  In addition, using an on-board set of relays, DVRs can be given a
reboot often all they need, saving engineer time on a site visit.  And as an IP service integration with other building services is also that much easier to achieve.

Secure IP monitoring over broadband.

However most importantly Emizon has been specifically designed for the
broadband era and is secure and easy to use as a result. No unexpected phone
bills either to explain away. But how does it compare price wise to
other products? Well very favourably. Central stations have seen the
future and keen pricing will encourage installations. The unit is not
site specific so engineers can carry the TDC in their car and fit a
unit on the day whatever the signalling grade required, panel or GPRS network is available and with either dynamic or static IP addressing. With pstn connectivity being added later this summer and meaning that the same Emizon TCD can be deployed whatever the engineer is faced with on site. Simple.

No other way forward.

When we look to the future it is hard to see that fibre and broadband
are going to be superceded by a new technology soon. So with Emizon
exploiting broadband so cleverly, it hard to see a dual path
signalling product that is really capable of matching the benefits
Emizon can provide.

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