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CCTV jobs, Vacancies in the security industry

Are you currently looking for a job in the CCTV security industry? Must be frustrating?..over the last two years an unprecedented number of jobs have been lost as companies batton down the hatches while the recession bites. As budgets are cut no new vacancies seem to be on the horizon. If you sell or did ,you must have felt like you were searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow……….that actually was not there . Consumers have stopped spending and new sales are about as rare as hens teeth. On the installation or service side of the fence and you would have seen redundancies or overtime bans that have cut to the quick. Of course this is not true for everyone but many will empathise with the situation. So what’s round the corner? Salesmen will know that offering a cheap deal will help …but help who ? Not the company who has to reduce their margins and the commission on discounted deals will hardly keep the wolf from the door. Engineers will have seen hours slashed and those looking for work will be thinking how they can ever get back into the CCTV security jos market again.

Ipcctv is a way back for all that want a future. Running cables is soon to be a thing of the past and understanding networking and ip solutions will ease those who still want to pursue a career in CCTV access control and intruder alarms back into an employable position ip ip and ip, to be blunt it is the way forward, think about it, with broadband supplying pretty much every service we can think of into our businesses and our homes what other way is there to go?

Keep up with the latest information by registering here at integrated CCTV and who knows what may seem like a hopeless situation at present could turn into a very bright future indeed.

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