IP camera 200 series integrates with Milestone

Milestone VMS.

Milestone has become the first video management software platform to integrate the Bosch IP 200 series camera. Both products are ONVIF compliant and milestone are able to offer a plug and play solution.

Bosch IP 225 and 255 cameras.

The Bosch IP 200 series is a brilliant concept for small retail business and the fact that it offers  excellent compression and on board storage means no DVR is required. This makes it a highly appealing option for one or two camera solutions.

Cost saving on CCTV.

With the cuts beginning to bite deep in the UK economy the alliance between Milestone and Bosch has got many thinking how it could also fit into areas such as social care.

Interesting…very interesting.

So this collaboration between two of the giants in the IP camera market is certainly interesting and will only help to cement the standing that the Bosch IP 200 series camera already holds in this niche market place.

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