CCTV security systems. Great expectations?

Expectations from CCTV systems.

CCTV installers can experience a number of problems after an installation has been finished and the first and most important of these is customers expectations. If the customer has not had a demonstration, then how are they to know what the picture quality will be when the engineer first switches the system on? The multitude of reactions we have experienced range from,…. .”wow that is fantastic” …to “but I cant even see their face”…or “thought the picture would be clearer than that”!  Bear in mind that to the supplier all those reactions are to a CCTV system that is exactly the same specification as they always install and the systems are the same and are of equal quality. The thing that must be established with the customer from the start is, what do they expect from the system?

Sales staff.

Many sales staff desperate for a sale will over sell. Then to maximise profits as they have been forced to discount and sell well below list price, they will then be forced to install the very cheapest kit to maximise profits. The reason for this ? Many sales have frustratingly been lost on price alone. The problem is end users tend to buy from” people who give them the right price that they want to hear, rather than pay a little more for the right product”. Instead they should take considered advice that ultimately could save them both disappointment and money.

Megapixel IP solutions.

So what about new IP and Megapixel solutions.? Well it is even more important to ensure that the product is exactly right for the application. Do megapixel cameras see well in the dark? Well some do but most don’t. When looking from inside out towards sunlight can a megapixel camera cope under those conditions? Again some better than others. A customer could spend thousands of pounds only to be disappointed in the end.

The future.

However Megapixel cameras are the future and end users should be keen to migrate existing analogue CCTV and embrace IP CCTV solutions whenever they decide to upgrade. Remember however don’t always opt for the cheapest option after all doesn’t the saying go ” buy cheap, buy twice”.

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