Emizon 21 line monitoring solution.

Emizon  FAQ.

What is Emizon and why is it different?

Emizon is dual path signalling device used for the security industry. Uniquely its primary path is IP and its secondary path is GPRS. It has been developed to fit into the new world of IP and is an obvious option to monitor broadband telephone lines.

Is it compliant with BT 21 CN fibre upgrade. Also does it replace traditional signalling devices such as Redcare and DualCom?

It certainly is 21CN compliant. Emizon is designed to work with all upgraded lines. When it comes to replacing traditional signalling methods it is able to signal to grade 2,3 and 4  EN standards so therefore yes, it can replace any signalling solution.

Will the insurance companies accept it?

Emizon have their own advisers on this subject . As with any new technology insurance companies are often slow to move away from what they know. However. Emizon offers some very good reasons why Insurance companies will accept this technology and in terms of price Emizon is highly competitive.

Are they easy to install?

Emizon have spent a long time developing this technology awaiting the time when IP solutions will begin to dominate all physical security products and IP will become accepted as the standard way of communicating data. The installation is simple and non site specific , meaning engineers can carry the unit in their stock. The Emizon website offers a comprehensive guide to installation techniques and what will be involved.

Why would we want to change from traditional monitoring methods?

Digicoms are being routinely replaced now as this old technology is vulnerable to line cuts and changes to the BT network. A customer with a large number of sites will see significant savings on their monitoring costs if they chose to use Emizon over some of their more famous competitors.

New markets and opportunities for Emizon.

The most important opportunities lie in the CCTV monitoring field where the use of broadband lines is becoming the most popular way of transmitting CCTV alarms to a central station. In fact anyone who needs a permanent broadband connection for critical data transfer should consider having their lines monitored by Emizon 21.


Emizon has hit the market place at just the right time. Broadband has started to take a grip as the most important communication path we have. The ability to monitor this 24 hours a day for a minimal cost can only mean this monitoring option goes from strength to strength.

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