ONVIF Standards for IP based security products

ONVIF global open interface standard

CCTV integrators have long struggled to integrate CCTV security products together because of all the different protocols and platforms out there developed in isolation by individual manufacturers.

IP CCTV and CCTV software.

With the growing influence of IP cameras and CCTV software ONVIF have bought together the larger manufacturers and integrators to embrace a protocol that will help form standard platform for CCTV integration in the years to come.


Well quite simply it makes it easier for manufacturers to sell their products. The installers are not hampered by constantly trying to integrate together several different products that are not compatible and the end user gets a better deal and is not beholden to the installer for the life time of the equipment.

What does the standard do?

Well essentially it looks at the network interface , specifically the network layer and looks to ensure all products conform in the following areas:

Real time viewing

Device discovery

Device management

Media config

Event handling

PTZ control


Video analytics

IP configuration

Future proof.

The standard allows flexibility and does not prevent innovation and of course should a manufacturer who uses ONVIF compliant equipment go out of business then there are plenty of others there to pick up the pieces and most importantly the end user is not left with a system no one else can integrate IP CCTV equipment into.


The first product that conformed to ONVIF was released in August 2009 and by the time IFSEC 2010 arrives there will be over 70 products from 10 manufactures to check out.

Three founder members Bosch AXIS  Sony

The 3 founder members were Bosch AXIS and Sony since then more have joined including:





March Networks



Texas Instruments

Hik Vison



There are many others now contributing to this standard.

IP Access control.

ONVIF also have now announced that they will be extending their scope to incluse IP access control products to. With so much integration going on between the two technologies it will be interesting to see what manufacturers jump on board and how quickly they do this.


Open platform standards really do help everyone in the end. They allow innovators into the market place and give stability to the industry and value to the end user. As IP security products become the dominant force in the security industry we applaud this bold step forward.

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