Paxton Access Control solutions

Why use Paxton Access control?

Paxton are one of the leading suppliers of Access control solutions in Europe today. They have targeted small to medium sized business and have come up with some excellent products that suit the needs of their target audience.

What can access control do for your business?

The best way to manage access control solutions within a business is to control and perform the administration through a central PC. This means networking the readers in order to establish movement throughout the premises. The result is that information entered into the PC is sent to each door controller and uploaded to the readers .

What are the benefits of this?

Readers can be programmed to only accept individuals tokens at certain times in certain doors. It allows event reporting so that the administrator knows who has been where in the building and when? Other benefits include control of other buildings on site through a LAN connection or off site through a WAN or broadband connection.

CCTV integration.

CCTV can also be integrated along with other products such as biometric readers and fire alarm systems. Roll call and Muster points give added benefits to the end user.


Access control is a proactive security solution. It stops crime before it can happen by limiting access through a building and controlling movement. Sales are predicted to grow steadily over the next few years and biometrics especially will make the access control systems out there more secure and give plenty of opportunities to upgrade existing installations.  IFSEC will be exhibiting plenty of access control solutions this year but Paxton will be one to keep your eye out for.

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