Digicoms fail under BT 21st Century Network upgrade.

Industry release warning.

Central stations have released more information about Digicom failures that are now known not just to be BT 21CN related but also associated with other NGNs (next generation networks) that other communication companies are supplying.

Examples of problems or failures.

1) Broadband installations

2) Star services

3) Lease cost routing

4) Changes from one supplier of communications to another.

Line providers change T & C’s.

The problem is starting to be considered serious enough by some communication companies that they have decided to to actually change their terms and conditions  to absolve themselves of responsibility if digicom signals fail to get carried across their network.

Upgrade now.

Central stations are now speaking to all intruder alarm companies advising them to speak to their customers and get their systems upgraded to 21CN compatible communication products these are as follows.

1) Redcare secure range.

2) Emizon.

3) CSL DualCom.

4) WebWay

5) Chiron

6) Risco.

Most of the above products are well established and proven solutions to current problem. More importantly they mostly offer duel path signalling and this is obviously much more secure and acceptable to insurance companies.


Although monitoring prices are generally slightly more expensive than the  original Digicom would have been. The situation has forced the cost of dual path signalling down significantly and this means great opportunities for new sales, something that should not go unnoticed by security companies.

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