Watch pets at home.

Pet watch cameras.

IP cameras now give every pet owner the opportunity to view their pets at home remotely, saving hundreds of £/$ on pet sitters. Whether it be their dogs or cats in fact whatever your favorite pet at home happens to be.

Mega- pixel IP camera.

The best thing about the advent of the mega-pixel IP camera is that it gives you a quality image so you can actually see properly if your pet is in distress. What is more with two way audio you are able to hear what is going on and best of all talk back to your animal. In addition a PTZ allows pan left and right up and down and even zoom in and out if you require.

Anyone can install this IP camera.

All you need is a PC and a broadband connection. Setting up is easy and in most cases can be done yourself. The peace of mind this two way link can give you will enable you to go to work with confidence and as camera prices fall it is a very affordable option.

Help and advice.

If you would like advice as to which camera will Will give you the best picture quality and flexibility  contact us here and we will be very happy to advise you.

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