Castle Care-Tec New Panel Release

Euro 46

Castle Care-Tech will be launching its new Euro 46 intruder alarm panel on April 1st 2010.

The panel

The new Euro 46 intruder panel seems to be targeting the mid- size intruder market and is suitable for either a grade 2 or 3 installation. Quite simply this panel has to be described as an entry level 8 zone panel and a base locked product. With the use of  Zems the zoning  can be increased to a maximum of 46 zones in total. It does boast simplicity, no MSX cards to add in and it is quite simply what you see is what you get.

No IP Integration

In a world that sees IP integration as the way forward, the Euro 46 does not seem to incorporate this feature. Communication is through the traditional Output method of a ribbon cable that enables it to be integrated to Redcare GSM , Dual-com Emizon  etc. You are also able to achieve downloading and remote servicing through a modem that can easily interface into the panel.


Benefits include 6 areas rather than levels and this offers greater flexibility the Euro 46 also has the standard integrated access control built in. Interestingly Castle have decided to move away from ID with this panel and only offer EOL or double pole sensor termination. Various wiring  options mean upgrades are easy and together with the eol/dp sensor wiring perhaps this will bring some welcome stability to systems installed in harsh environments.


Card, tag or pin setting together with the ability to accommodate 6 keypads and 40 programmable outputs and up to 75 users add some excellent features and Castle claim that this is one of their easiest panels to programme however in fairness they have never been difficult .These features just adds to the suitability of the  the market they seem to be targeting with this panel.


In conclusion the Euro 46 promises to be a stable , flexible panel that should fit into most situations . It would appear that this panel could well help Castle to continue to capture new installers and end users into their fold, lets hope this is the reward for their efforts.

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