Integrated Access Control

Integrated access control

Integrated Access control systems are the most effective way of controlling movement and maintaining the security within your organization whether it be one site or multiple locations.

No more key cabinets.

Companies are moving away from using the traditional method of securing your establishment i.e locks and keys. This  is fast becoming unfashionable and inconvenient as well as actually not being that secure at all. Keys are often lost or copied and for the determined individual offer only limited effectiveness.

Who is responsible.

To add to this there is also the fact that companies heavily rely on individuals to lock the building down at the end of the day. Any errors within this process means you can easily be left unprotected.

Access control.

So the solution is access control often integrated to CCTV to give you a belt and braces answer to your security issues. Everyone has heard about it but are we all aware of the huge benefits it can bring.

Control and information.

The other great thing about  integrated access control is that you will know who has been through what door at what time. In addition,  this is backed up with CCTV images to allow verification of the card data. Of course you also want to control when and where your staff can be at any one time within the building, most access control software is now equipped to allow you time zones and access rights into the  certain designated areas you define.

Securing the door.

There are different ways of controlling the locking down of the doors. Mag-locks and electronic door locks together with sheer bolts form the main way of doing this. Combine this with a door closer and when someone has successfully passed through the door it is always locked down behind them.

How do we open the door?

We fit a reader to the door. When a card or fob is addressed up to the reader it sends its unique code through the network to the controller the controller then sends a command to the door release mechanism and opens the door .The software logs each action and the  time it occurred. Sometimes on the un-secured side of the door we fit a push to release button that will allow egress without the need for a card.


There are two different ways to exit the building in the case of fire. The first is electronically. To achieve this we are able to interface the controllers to the fire alarm system. Should the fire alarm sound, the software can release every door in the building allowing unrestricted egress. Also adjacent to each door there is a break glass and in the case of an emergency this can be broken and the door will open.

What is right for your organisation?

Well integrated access control comes in many different shapes and sizes from single door solutions to multiple doors within one building . However some of the big access control systems have been designed to incorporate a world wide solution for global organizations. Most access control sysems now also offer IP solutions, so the flexibility of integrated CCTV/ access control systems is unlimited and will bring some welcome control back to your company.

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