CCTV Analytics

Why will analytics be such a huge step forward for CCTV?

Analytics is an advanced form of video motion detection that uses
Software algorithms in order to generate alarms when certain
conditions and scenarios occur within the field of view of the camera.
For example if a person is seen to be loitering in area for a length
of time that has been deemed inappropriate then the software can
recognise this fact and trip an alarm to notify an operator. It can
also notify when an area is violated by a person but is adaptable
enough to realize the difference between a human and a cat for instance.
How does this help the operator?

In the case where a guard is looking at multiple views over a
prolonged period of time he will inevitably need help. Analytics is
able to provide reliable alarms to notify him of a situation that is
occurring that he needs to know about, so when we have a manned system
the benefits are obvious.
Analytic alarm systems.

However more importantly we can use the analytics to generate alarms
to trip automated alarm sounders and warning voices and also notify a
remote guard that he may need to attend site.
This removes the need for a man on site and this means cost savings can be huge, sometimes tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. This has driven the market and now some very big organizations are now involved in the development and promotion of this technology.
So effective are analytics going to be in the future that external alarm sensors and fixed beams could soon be a thing of the past.

Applications also include perimeter protection, object abandonment,
person or object tracking. Colour recogniton, people counting, speeding
What about old camera systems?

Analytics can easily be fitted to existing CCTV systems and the
advantage of fitting analytics to old camera systems is we can then
make ineffective old technology suddenly intelligent .The experts see
that fitting analytics retrospectively is a massive market place and an
alternative to a complete upgrade of some older systems out there.It
is important however to point out that the analytics can only be as
good as the picture they are trying to analyse so people must be
realistic with their expectations. Lighting at night is also another
crucial factor to consider, remember analytics can’t work in the dark
so duel chip cameras and IR lighting are important things to bring
into the equation.
So next time you consider upgrading , reducing costs or generally
making more of your CCTV systems ask us here for advice on how we can
help you.

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