Dahua Technology has unveiled a High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) technology. This has in turn been recently tested in the UK by Benchmark magazine ( see March 2014 issue). This new technology is unique to Dahua and they have labelled it HDCVI. The main  feature is the fact that  over-coaxial-cable it can produce analogue HD video transmission, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost. It should be noted though that Benchmark have tested the technology and question the performance of HDCVI where distances of over 100m are exceeded.

However that said, Dahua have labelled HDCVI as a breakthrough in HD technology and a unique one within the industry. Dahua claim that HDCVI offers the best upgrade path to high definition CCTV while still facilitating a conventional cabling environment but incorporating advanced features.


HDCVI technology is capable of delivering 1080p & 720p HD video format by using analogue modulation; in other words HD over coax but in addition also offers megapixel high video quality with more of the detail retained.


The claim from Dahua is that by using coax, HDCVI can support long-distance transmission. A point still to be proven in the field however it is not disputed that HDCVI is able to achieve reliable long range and non-latent transmission without further need for relay devices. In a like for like comparison with HD-SDI HDCVI however seems to shows a distinct advantage. With general transmission media, HD-SDI reaches 100 metres at most while HDCVI can in some circumstances transmit 500 metres by using 75-3 cable.


A major benefit over IP is that this new technology suffers no latency and this facilitates an outstanding real-time performance that requires no compression, as a result the new Dahua DVR successfully maintains the original quality and thus presents vivid images.


The clever part with the new HDCVI format is that it can carry three separate signals over the coax. These are composite video, audio and control.


In summary, Dahua believes that HDCVI is an industrial breakthrough, a revolutionary technology that offers megapixel image quality over long-distance transmission while enjoying the simplest installation requirements.



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