Honeywell HRDP iPhone app

Honeywell HRDP iPhone app.

Honeywell have joined with Apple to enable the HRDP DVR to be accessed via iphones and iPads.

This is the way many manufacturers are going as the Apple app gives end users the ability to view CCTV images from their HRDP recorder whenever and where ever they may be.

Honeywell HRDP iPhone

The Honeywell HRDP H.264 DVR now supports  the iPad/iPhone feature that makes it comparable to many high-end embedded DVRs but at a much lower price something many end users are currently looking for. The DVR has always boasted crisp clear images but now this added benefit brings it into line with many of its competitors.

Honeywell HRDP

Honeywell HRDP

So if you want to upload the the HRDP iphone app simply click on the link below to take you to the apple store.

Honeywell HRDP iphone app click below

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