Honeywell Fusion IV DVR

The Fusion IV is here! Honeywell’s hybrid 32 channel recorder has set a standard that will get the market place talking for some time. Not just an analogue DVR,the Fusion IV is equally at home recording IP cameras; Being Hybrid the unit bridges the gap between analogue and digital and has plenty of features to boot. The fusion IV is not just for recording either it can transmit up to 32 channels of analogue or IP video sources, and up to 16 channels of audio. POS/ATM text data can also be transmitted to provide an overall Ip video surveillance solution.

Devices that can be easily connected into the Fusion IV includes IP cameras, network encoders and megapixel cameras. Fusion IV also offers up to 32 channels of hybrid (analogue and/or IP) camera support. The hybrid DVR fully embraces H.264 video compression across all the inputs meaning reduced file sizes and longer recording times.

Multi-tasking of simultaneous operations including network cameras, megapixel cameras, point of- sale, video analytics and more are included in the Fusion IV portfolio. Dual video ports have also been added. Windows® XP is the preferred embedded operating system, and network security and firewall protection is a prerequisite, this also eliminates the need to format DVDs before back up. Hard drives can be easily replaced from the front panel meaning field replacement of hard drives is easy and efficient.

IP and megapixel camera technologies are now seen as the future of video surveillance systems and drive the need for new the functionality offered by the Fusion IV DVR. Fusion IV is ideal for systems requiring transition to IP from analogue to maximise the cost-savings benefits associated with IP networking. By using H.264 compression recording the  unparalleled image clarity using megapixel cameras is now perfectly possible. Many businesses will find the benefits of the fusion IV will fit seamlessly into their security operation and the hybrid functionality offers unparalelled options.

Some of the benefits of the Honeywell Fusion IV
Recording rates across all 32 channels for 100 to 400 at CIF resolution PAL
Recording resolutions up to 720 × 576 (D1)
VGA and DVI-D ports for local live viewing
Available with 8, 16 and 32 looping video inputs
Internal storage capacity up to 8 TB
External storage options
Analogue and IP recording across 32 channels
16 sensor inputs and 16 outputs
Multiplexed switched spot outputs
16 channels of audio on selected models
10/100/1000 gigabit network standard 
Windows® XP embedded operating system

Hybrid operation for analogue/IP camera mix based on DVR model – 8/16/32 channel video input
User software included with each DVR:
Fusion Server Software – Local user interface
4 channels of analytics on certain models

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