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VCL in their time produced and sold one of the most successful dome cameras in both the UK and Europe. During the early part of this decade the VCL dome camera was renowned for its picture quality and ease of programming. Many  companies across the UK had the dome installed and there are still many thousands of them out there, many are still working perfectly well.

VCL dome repair.

Time however is moving on. A dome of course has moving parts, the most vulnerable of these to wear being the slip rings and both the pan and tilt motors. The VCL dome cameras can of course still be repaired and there are still companies that will do this. However these repairs are rarely cheap and as to how long they will last , who knows . Add to this the expense in certain cases of hiring a cherry picker to both remove and then re-install the camera and you start to look at thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.

VCL dome fix.

A solution is available though. Integrated CCTV have sourced a fix whereby the housing can be re-used and only the inner is replaced. This inner is produced by a renowned dome manufacturer and a lot of research has gone into manufacturing the bayonet to integrate seamlessly into many models of the old VCL dome housing. This fix is almost always a cheaper option than actually carrying out a full repair on the old inner. What is more the new camera comes with a full year guarantee therefore giving the end user confidence that he will not be re-hiring access equipment just a few weeks or months down the line to once again repair an ageing camera.

VCL camera repair solution.

So if you have grown frustrated with constantly being let down by a repair that never seems to last contact us and we will happily point you in the right direction.

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