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Avigilon today announced the availability of some exciting new developments . Soon to be on the market will be the new HD Dome and HD Bullet cameras with embedded adaptive video analytics technology.


The new Avigilon cameras will provide the benefits of adaptive video analytics technology directly to the camera This will allow users to connect directly to the latest version of Avigilon Control Centre software where analytics will be available to enhance the end user experience. The analytics are self-learning based on patterns of movement within the field of view of the HD cameras, these intelligent cameras can then automatically adapt to scene conditions without manual calibration. The outcome is detection where before there was none, reduced false alarms, and enhanced security for the end user.

1 MP, 2 MP and 3 MP resolutions are available. The footage is analysed in full high-definition resolution in order to detect and track objects that may come under suspicion It can be adapted to follow people and vehicles but with far more accurately than ever before. Where would we deploy such a system ? Well, building perimeters, Critical infrastructure, garage four courts, airports military facilities and any other area requiring a high degree of protection of high value assets. Footfall and business data can also be easily gathered to make operations more profitable.

Above is the Rialto unit that can be retro fitted to existing camera systems that may also require analytics. It has evolved using video IQ technology that was bought into the Avigilon portfolio when the two companies merged together their technologies.

So Avigilon continue to push the boundaries in order to increase their dominance of the HD market place with innovative software and high quality imagery and now analytics.

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