Why buy the Clarius IR illuminator ?

For many years, infrared lighting for surveillance has been defined by huge IR lights hanging off the bottom of a camera and generally beyond the realms of affordability to most. As a result it has only been used to enhance images where a site is considered to be of extreme high risk. Recently however LED lighting technology has advanced so quickly and as a result costs have plummeted. This means IR lighting is now available to pretty much anyone who realizes the benefits it can bring to your CCTV system. The Clarius IR illuminator range from Advanced lighting is a classic example of how a product manufactured here in the UK has been able to make deep inroads into the CCTV marketplace.

A whole new opportunity arose in this field when technology allowed the use of surface mount LEDs. The result was a unit capable of producing tremendous light output meaning we no longer have to rely on the cumbersome IR bulbs of the past. The advancement and wide usage in all areas of LED technology has ensured that the cost of surveillance illuminators has reduced rather dramatically in the last 3 years.

The main area of competition for The Clarius IR illuminator apart from other illuminator manufacturers is the bullet cameras with integrated IR LEDs. Often a cheaper option, many installers jump to put these cameras in rather that consider a camera and IR illuminator option. This often proves a very costly mistake. The reasons are simple. A spiders web spun on the housing of one of these cameras will effectively render it useless as all the IR simply reflects back into the camera and flares out the image. Trust us when we say that a Clarius IR illuminator and separate dual chip camera is the best way forward.

Clarius also produce a white light option and this is the preferred option when colour detail needs to be preserved. Another big benefit of Clarius white light illuminators is it can be used as a working light as well as enhancing our CCTV images and might be considered by some as a better option. However when used overnight issues such as light pollution do need to be considered at the point of survey.

The Clarius brand has in recent times been tested and compared to other similar products and it is to Advanced lightings’ credit that it is being mentioned alongside other market leaders such as Raytec and AXIS. The price also is extremely favourable against its rivals.

The Clarius range is extensive and illuminators are made up of short, medium, long and extra-long range versions. Perhaps though one of the most important features is the options that we can use to power the Clarius illuminators. As well as the traditional 12/24v option there is also the ability to power over the Ethernet better known as POE. In a world where IPCCTV is gaining more traction every day the POE option fits perfectly for a surveyors during the process of designing a CCTV system. Simple ,easy and cost effective.

The Clarius IR illuminators can be controlled via a telemetry input in addition an  integral photocell is included. To ensure the lights are not switching on and off at dawn and dusk the photocell is adjustable for sensitivity. If required it can also be disabled.

Another benefit we need to consider is that power output can be adjusted. This can be varied between 10 and 100 per cent.Add to this the fact that the Clarius IR illuminator is a good looking unit to boot as it is housed in extruded aluminium. The toughened polycarbonate protective lens is vandal-proof,  giving the unit the ability to be installed anywhere. Brackets are available or if you prefer your own design can be used.

One of the claims made by advanced lighting that makes them unique from others is the self-cleaning lens. When we consider that one of the big costs of lighting is ongoing maintenance this feature gives Clarius IR illuminator an edge in the market place that cannot be ignored.

Installation is made simple as the unit comes with a pre-made cable. This reduces installation time and eradicates any connection errors  The illuminator is fitted with a pressure release valve as standard and one of the features that separates Clarius illuminators from others in the market place is its excellent build quality. This is apparent as soon as you open the box.

The light distribution has been extensively tested and the spread is even and meets the specification. It is simple ,well-built and “does what it says on the tin”. Overall it is meeting the increasing needs of 24 hour surveillance on CCTV installations that may not fall into the high risk category but certainly needs the sort of quality images that the Clarius IR illuminator can help to provide.

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