Clarius illuminators If you need lighting that is going to work and last

Why would you spend £150 on something that you could buy for £15 from B&Q?  That’s the question facing everyone who has or wants to have outside lighting around their homes or businesses.

What are we talking about you may ask?  Well we currently have our traditional halogen 500 watt light fitting. You will see these on just about every house and every industrial unit in the country. They have provided lighting for security, health and safety, deterrent and working light for all of us over the years.

Around 20 years ago the Tungstan halogen light was a hard wearing reliable piece of of kit. For around £45 you could buy a fitting that would last perhaps 5 years if subjected to “normal” working conditions. Although the fitting was of exceptional quality the bulbs themselves can only realistically be expected to survive a year or so. This meant annual maintenance and ongoing cost.

Then came the era of the ultra cheap halogen light fitting. This unit was manufactured to a low standard, it was cheap and it burnt out quickly. The nipples that spring onto the bulb disintegrated after just a few weeks or months. It made a very poor security light as it never seemed to work and the cost of replacing both the bulb and the fitting was prohibitive. Not such a cheap option in the long run. what was worse is it made the good quality halogen lights extinct!

Of course the problem with both the good halogens and the bad halogens is that however long they lasted they are very expensive to run. Half a bar of an electric fire for those old fashioned ones of you reading this and you could have several of these lights burning away all night long. Not efficient or very clever, add to this the  light pollution they cause and nobody is happy really!

So what is the solution? Well it’s simple. White light LED illuminators. This technology uses ultra bright LEDs to achieve the same level of brightness or LUX level as our old 500 watt halogen and at a fraction of the running cost. Yes currently white light LED illuminators are more expensive in the first place but you will get a return on your investment within a year and the lights can self clean and go un-maintained for up to 10 years so no more cherry pickers at £300 a time just to replace your bulbs.


White light LED illuminator Clarius


We strongly recommend the Clarius white light illuminator. With patented self cleaning lenses and high quality parts used in the manufacturing process, you don’t just get good value for money you also get a unit that looks atheistically pleasing to the eye and looks good on any building. With Heath and safety playing a major role in all business today the directional light satisfies the needs for working light, safe light, light pollution campaigners and those who foot the bills for cherry pickers (a real hidden cost for industry today). Add in the real money saver in the form of reduced electricity cost and it seems like a no brainer.

Taking in consideration that halogen lighting is in sharp decline (1000watt bulbs are not even made anymore) it makes.

thanks to HD CCTV solutions for this article 



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