Google,home security and the drones have opened up a world of possibility

Google has recently become known for snapping up fledgling companies. These are companies that seem to produce products that at first sight seem to have nothing to do with what we all regard as the main Google business model. This business model of course being the world’s largest and most popular search engine.

The Google algorithm has always been the most closely guarded secret and a complete mystery. However now perhaps an even bigger mystery is as to why would Google buy a home automation company and perhaps even more bizarre a company that manufactures solar powered drones.

The former is Nest. Nest has built its success on a cleverly designed thermostat that is controlled remotely through a smartphone app. It’s key selling point is it learns the behaviour of the home owner and  adjusts the temperature automatically helping reduce heating bills and suiting the customer’s needs.

In addition NEST has just released a smoke detector combined with a carbon monoxide detector that works in tandem with the thermostat. In essence Nest is Googles entrance into the home automation market, but is this where it stops?

Titan Aerospace is another recent acquisition, Titan develops solar-powered unmanned aircraft. These flying inventions are able to remain airborne for months, even years and their purpose is to beam wireless signals back to the ground. This solar plane brings endless possibilities but the foremost is internet for the millions in the developing world. This is a clear strategic aim.

How then does this relate to security?

Well home automation is now very much linked to home security, intelligent door locks and self-monitoring CCTV systems can all be integrated together under a home automation package. All the features are accessible through smartphones and information retrieved and sent through the App. Now with the drone technology opening up huge new areas of internet coverage, every home on the planet can be protected and automated.

Even more intriguing and perhaps a little worrying is all this information will be flooding to and fro via the Google cloud. The internet giant will be able to profile each household and as a result direct its unique form of advertising to pretty much everyone…… and with worldwide coverage and a virtual foot inside everyone’s door Google will become an even greater force in all of our lives.





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