HD CCTV, maintenance and deterrent

Maintenance has always been a critical part of ensuring that a HD CCTV system operates correctly and gives the optimum picture quality at all times. It is easy to forget that a CCTV is a 24 hour seven day a week 356 day of the year operating system. Not many other products are asked to perform such a task so it is no surprise that it needs looking after. CCTV monitors are often at the forefront of problems. Too many companies simply sell monitors that are not fit for purpose and quickly burn out as a result. The same can be said for the cameras. It is so easy to go on line and buy Chinese manufactured products at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger more proven makes on the market. It is as always the same story though . You will get what you pay for . So either you have a system that has constant blank images on the split screens where cameras have gone down or you pay a lot of money calling out engineers to mend what you have.

Alternatively of course you can buy quality goods. A good example of this is when we talk about HD products is one of the best products on the market right now for both quality and reliability. It  is the HD Predator by 360 vision.

This camera is unique to the market place and has some fantastic features. You can have IR ,white light as well as HD and what is more you get multiple views from this camera . The camera concentrates on deterrent and crime prevention as its main selling point and below is an excerpt from the 360 website describing the benefits. Prevention is always better than cure . Any act of theft or vandalism that is prevented and this ultimately pays of the capital cost of the CCTV system. So what can the Predator do for you?

In the words of 360 themselves “The Patented Combined IR/White Light Technology on the 360 Vision “Predator” Rugged Camera range is widely recognised to be off a massive financial benefit in relation to its deterrent nature.

Security Managers have spent hours and hours trawling through pre-recorded video footage after an incident has occurred trying to locate relevant small sections to the respective incidents.

However, it is widely established that combined IR/White Light Technology deters many breaches of security occurring in the first place, there by eradicating the need for expensive, labour intensive post event video searches.

An aspect most prudent Senior Security Managers in Local Authorities, Blue Chip Companies and Public Utilities readily recognise the benefit, especially during the current tough economic climate.”

So going back to the subject of maintenance we know that buying a quality product will reduce costs in the long run. Buying HD will increase the value of the system to the end user and produce results worthy of the initial cost of the system. Combining the two and adding deterrent features will give you the best value in the long run.



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