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Anyone who had the foresight to invest money into an  Avigilon CCTV system will know the major benefits it can bring to their organization. The new ACC5 software offers some fantastic features and this allows companies to better control crime, health and safety and management processes on their sites. The ability to link in existing cameras via encoders means that previously invested capital is not wasted. Encoders are the secret of how to convert an analogue CCTV system and set your company on a  course to eventually convert to HD CCTV surveillance.

The cameras that Avigilon provide are of the highest quality. With a failure rate that would make all its competitors extremely jealous Avigilon have also gained the trust of their installer base whose own costs have been reduced by installing reliable kit. Avigilon systems give end users nothing other than great images and easy to control search features.

Avigilon is scalable and this means that from the very smallest to the very largest business can install a system that will suit its needs. HD brings such value to your camera system, capturing incidents that would have been impossible with analogue and at a cost that is not prohibitive.

It’s not just the people who invested in the camera systems that have much to cheer about . The popularity of Avigilon and their products together with a massive online campaign have made these cameras and the unique software high profile for all involved in the industry . As a result sales of the cameras have gone beyond all expectations and Installers have been reaping the benefits as the Avigilon brand is now considered the market leader for HD CCTV.

It does not stop there. If you had invested in Avigilon shares back in November 2011 you could have bought in at $4.52 Canadian dollars, you may have got a little jumpy in March 2012 when they hit a low of $3.84. However after that you will have done nothing but smile as the shares have risen steadily. Then a meteoric jump in share value happened in October 2013 on the release of Avigilon’s annual results. To buy in now means that you are looking around the $30 per share mark. All in all a gain of some 525.00% rise in value since the share launch. There are not many companies out there that can boast of such success.



Since we interviewed Rick Ramsey back in 2009 Avigilon have risen to the top of the pile, with investment in new ideas still prevalent the Avigilon machine marches on with continued success for the company and those who are lucky enough to be on the shares bandwagon a very profitable time.








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